We’re a church with a strong sense of call to community, whoever you are, wherever you’re from and whatever you’re facing you are welcome. 

We’re a community with a strong sense of place in our world, we’re keen to serve right on our doorstep and in far flung places. 

We’re a community in this world with a focus on living to God’s Glory. What we’ve found in Jesus is life that fills every moment and every aspect of our days with wonder and strengthens us for the hard times. 

We’re glad you’re here! Whether you’re just checking us out, accessing info or a regular part of our church life, you’re welcome.


Our service is at 10am at Titirangi Baptist Church

32 Kauriland’s Road, Titirangi, 0604

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Titirangi Baptist Church

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Meet the Team

Andy Shudall

Andy Shudall

Senior Pastor

Andy was born and brought up in Liverpool, England. Studied theology in Scotland and worked alongside university students for 22 years before joining the team at TBC in 2015. He and his wife, Ines, moved to NZ in 2005 and love it here. They have three adult kids, and live in Laingholm. They are enjoying life in the wild west.

Andy leads the staff team and is energised by the complexities of preaching, balancing the competing needs of a growing church with the desire to build strong community. He also provides a coordinating perspective across the church’s diverse ministry. He’s passionate about justice, truth, design and chocolate.

Matt Vaine

Matt Vaine

Associate Pastor

Matt is from Winchester, England and moved to NZ in 2011 to join the staff team at TBC. Matt is married to Sarah and they have a daughter, Maisy, born in March 2016. Matt provides a lead to our youth ministry, support to our newcomers, home groups and special events. Matt is passionate about young people coming to know Jesus, people discovering the wonder of God’s love and he deals very well with the constant disappointment of supporting England in football.

Helena Going

Helena Going

Children's Pastor

Helena is an Aucklander and a Westie, she’s travelled a fair bit though before marrying Gareth. Helena joined the staff team in 2013 and leads the staff and volunteers in serving TBC’s children. Helena and Gareth enjoy raising their two daughters and niece. Helena is passionate about kids connecting with Jesus and growing their faith. She has loads of great stories to tell about her days as a teacher in behavioural needs schools. Marissa Long and Ines Shudall work with Helena to deliver a Sunday morning programme where all our children (crèche, preschool and school years 1-9) hear and respond to God’s story.

Warren Stubbs

Warren Stubbs

Green Bay Youthwork Team Leader

Warren is a dad to three and a husband of one, a keen footballer whose glory days on the pitch are now replaced by glory days coaching others. Warren works with an amazing team of paid and volunteer youth workers in partnership with Greenbay High School – it’s an amazing collaboration which supports pupils in our local school.

Jan Page

Jan Page


Jan has been a member of the congregation of TBC since before the internet existed and has kept us on an even keel administratively and financially with calm and expert aplomb. Jan is married to Mark and they have grown children and enjoy three grandchildren who keep them busy. Jan is passionate about good order and is an excellent singer, enjoying performing with local choirs.

Catherine May

Catherine May

PA to Andy

Catherine is a photographer, a lover of the outdoors, a Westie (no mullet though) and an admin genius. She’s married to Nathan with two lovely daughters. Her secret power is a sense of humour in the face of the complexities of keeping Andy on track. She’s involved in church music teams and is a dab hand with a screwdriver.

Michelle Jones

Michelle Jones

Operations Manager

Michelle is of Dutch stock but Kiwi born and bred. She is married to Keith and between them they have 5 adult kids. She moved from East to West Auckland in 2015 and is surviving jungle life, fighting off the spiders every day. Michelle is bringing order and harmony to the church systems.

The Elders

This key team are elected by the congregation to work with the pastors to keep TBC in line with our vision and values.

Together they provide spiritual, doctrinal, and moral oversight, they lead us and are accountable to the congregation for the overall direction of our mission. Through prayerful discernment, hard work, late nights and a whole lot of friendship and laughter they are the key mechanism of our governing our life as a church

What we believe

We believe...

while anyone and everyone is welcome and none of us have everything sorted, there are core convictions that shape our life together…

The Bible is our authority

The Bible is uniquely inspired by God and is therefore entirely authoritative and trustworthy in all Christian belief and practice.

God is eternally Three in One

There is only one, living, true and eternal God, the creator of all. He is holy, just and infinite in wisdom, love, and power; sovereign over all things. He reveals Himself as Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. God is at the same time One and Three: united in the one nature.

Salvation is in Jesus Christ alone

God created all people in His image but each person has rebelled against Him and we are therefore subject to God’s just judgment of death. Jesus Christ died as a sacrifice in the place of sinners so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but receive eternal life. This gift of salvation is given by God’s grace, received in faith, and is not because of any human merit or work.

Jesus is fully God's Son in full humanity

Jesus Christ is the eternal sinless Son of God, through whom and for whom the universe was created. In fulfilment of the scriptures He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. He is fully God and truly human. He was crucified and died for the forgiveness of sins. He rose bodily from the dead and ascended into heaven to be Lord of both the living and the dead

God, The Holy Spirit, equips God's Church to make Christ known

The Holy Spirit convicts, converts and makes alive forever everyone who believes in Jesus; joining them to the body of Christ, The Church, and indwelling each one so as to guide, empower and equip all for godly living and service

The Church is God's people, local and global

God has established His Church as the community of all those who are saved by faith in Jesus through grace alone. We are part of that global community, the Body of Christ, and united with it by faith in glorifying God, advancing his kingdom.

God will judge justly, all people from all time, and save those who trust in Jesus

At the return of the Lord Jesus, God will draw history to a close and judge all people. Before God those who have received forgiveness for sins by faith in Jesus will be granted endless joy serving God in the new heavens and new earth; those who are not reconciled to God through Jesus Christ will face His just judgement.

Download "Foundations" a document which unpacks our statement of faith


Every other Sunday evening youth service.

This is for everyone in years 9-13. It gets crazy fun as well as deep and challenging. Blueprint is the opportunity to worship God, grow friendships with one another and explore the adventure of announcing Jesus’ great news to the world around us.

7pm at the church buildings: 32 Kaurilands Road. Check the church diary below for details.

Blueprint Youth - for years 9-13
TBC Youth

TBC Youth

TBC Youth is for High School students (Years 9-13) and provides a environment for fun, friendship and opportunities to discover more about Jesus.

Disovering more about Jesus is important to us because He answers the restlessness in our lives by leading us to God.

We also believe Jesus pioneers God’s dream to unveil a better future for the world and we can participate in that adventure.

We believe Jesus is worth following!

Soul Kids

Our kids ministry on Sunday mornings and through the week.

Great teaching, tonnes of fun, age appropriate faith engagement that encourages and deepens faith in Jesus. We value our kids, not just for who they might become but who they are right now and because they are loved by God.

Blueprint Youth - for years 9-13

TUESDAY: mainly music

Thousands of kids all over the world have joined in and loved mainly music programmes.

Come along Tuesday mornings with your preschool children for songs, dance, company and a bit of a laugh.

There are two 30 minute sessions. 9:30 and 10:45 with tea/coffee served 10:00-10:30. $3 per family, per session.

THURSDAY: Evergreens

 10am-12noon everyweek

The evergreens are all about thriving in the latter years, There’s a wide and varied programme including social outings and monthly communion – Thursday mornings 10-12 the gang can be found laughing, singing, playing, chatting, eating and generally being the rowdiest group who use the church buildings during the week (and being proud of that reputation). All welcome! Gold coin donation welcome but not essential.

FRIDAY: Weekly Grind

Coffee, cake & adult conversation

Sometime in the week carers of young kids need to chill out and connect with each other, adult conversation with people who get where you’re at. Weekly Grind is Friday mornings, barista coffee and great cake at an amazing price $4.50, the kids get to play and you get to talk.

Home Groups

Join one to get the most out of church.

We connect beyond Sunday morning and that means we build community around content, based on friendship and commitment, growing together in character and knowledge. It means to have more together than we do on our own. We need one another. We need these home groups to grow, connect and serve together. Mid-week and sometimes weekend groups are an essential part of our life together.

Use the contact form below to find out more.

Connect Groups
CAP Money

CAP Money

We run this practical introduction to budgeting course.

The CAP Money Course is a free, revolutionary money management course that teaches people budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that really works.

Over 3 evenings, this course will help you prioritise the things that are important to you, manage any debt that you have, live well within your means and save for your future – just as it has for thousands of New Zealanders!

Contact the church office to find out when the next course is running…


Life and faith don’t always make sense,

Alpha is a great place to ask and answer questions, explore what it means to believe in Jesus and puzzle things out among friends.

This course includes great food, good company, lots of laughs and engaging content. 

The next course will start on July 26th

Contact alpha@tbc.org.nz for more info.

Connect Groups
Blueprint Youth - for years 9-13

Green Bay Youth Work

A TBC partnership with Green Bay High School which is part of the 24/7 youthwork network – providing support, mentoring and encouragement to students.

Find out more at greenbayyouthwork.com

Pastoral care

When life is all hard yards, when you are discouraged, isolated, ill, struggling, grieving or needing a helping hand there are networks of people and resources available to give you some help to get through and move on. We can help, you don’t need to go through tough stuff on your own.

Use the form below to ask for help.

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Pastoral Care

Here’s what we’re up to...

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The church office is open Mon-Thu, 9am - 4pm

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